Tribute to Alexander Vertinsky

I am for many years listening for songs of outstanding russian singer Alexander Vertinsky. Finally I decided to put together this WWW page and collect most resources about him I can find.

Some of A.Vertisnky songs in audio files:
Title WAV Real Audio MP3
"Matrosi" 8Mb 400Kb 1.8Mb
"Ya Segodnya..." 7Mb 300Kb 1.6Mb
"Nad Rozovim Morem" 1.4Mb n/a n/a

English translation of some songs:

Links to some pages:

If you have any materials concerning A. Vertinsky or some comments about this page please let me know and I would be glad to make this page more interesting.  You can email to me  at  Vadim Zaliva <> . If you want you can take a look at my home page at

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