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I am a technologist with a wide spectrum of interests varying from engineering and technology to computer science and math. With twenty years of experience, I have a deep understanding of technology as well as of business realities. I have a diverse academic background in Formal Methods, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Gesture Recognition, and Computer Security.


I currently work on research in formal methods ( using rigorous mathematical techniques to prove the correctness of computer programs) as a Senior Research Associate at the University of Cambridge. I have a Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University, M.S. in Computer Science, and B.S. in Electrical Engineering.



Since 2004, I have been running a consulting business helping startups to build innovative software products. We have a team of about 100 highly skilled engineers who are able to tackle any technical challenge. To learn more, please visit Codeminders website. is the artificial intelligence and machine learning branch of Codeminders. We have over a decade of experience in developing tailored AI solutions — including complex machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision technologies — for entrepreneurs, startups, and Fortune 500 companies.


Born in Ukraine, I moved to the US in 1995. Since then, I have lived and worked in Silicon Valley. As the old adage goes “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life,” and I am living it. Literature, travel, photography, and motorcycles are a few hobbies I enjoy outside of my work.


My contact information is below. I keep my business contacts organized via LinkedIn. I use Mastodon and my blog to write about technical matters.