This is an archived copy of this page from 1996. I've removed hyperlinks to URLs which are not working anymore in 2023 and added PDF versions of the Postscript brochure. The rest of the page (formatting, language and style) is unchanged. See related blog post.

Ultimate Mail Tool

You can take a look at some screen shots of current version:

  • List of Folders
  • List of Messages
  • Message View
  • Compose New Message
  • Address Book
  • Filters


    1. UMT Development resumed! Right now we already have in aplha testing version for SUN. We considering porting UMT to FreeBSD.

    2. You can download SUN version.

    3. UMT sources released under GPL.

    2. UMT FAQ is HERE!

  • Get FREE UMT beta package
  • Get page 1 of UMT booklet (Colour PostScript) ~ 700K
  • Get page 2 of UMT booklet (Colour PostScript) ~ 56K
  • Get UMT demo for MS DOS ~ 298K

    Currently we have Beta version. Beta version is distributed free of charge for all supported platforms.

    We are looking for beta-testers. We are looking for resellers. If you want to include UMT into your product or package, contact us. If you want to have UMT on some other platform, let us know.

    Version of UMT for Linux will be distributed free of charge.

    If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact us.

    Also we have a mailing list for new versions announcements and other usefull information. To be added to this list enter your email addres below and press Subscribe button. You'll receive greeting message and detailed instructions how to use it in few hours.

    UMT Development team
    UMT is compatible with Craftworks Linux and will be included in the next distribution.
    UMT is listed in Internet Resource Directory.

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